We Provide Professional Brokerage Services

Maxima Advisors (Pty) Ltd provides professional, reliable medical aid brokerage services to corporate clients and renders value added specialist servicing to members to ensure maximum client satisfaction and maximisation of available assistance.

We are an independent medical aid brokerage company and we are neither a medical aid nor does a medical administrator have any financial interest in the company. 


 Business Strategy

​The strategy of Maxima Advisors (Pty) Ltd is diversified for corporate clients and ensures its natural organic growth, by acquisition of similar companies with proven excellent track records.  We employ talented industry specialists and furthermore ensure cutting edge technology.  We also regularly attend industry training courses and seminars to keep up with the current trends.

Maxima Advisors (Pty) Ltd has intimate knowledge and understanding of the medical aids industry, this is also enhanced by attendance of scheme workshops so as to sharpen and update its employee skills.




 How We Work


We fit in between the client and the medical aid company to ensure that our clients enjoy well researched and analysed products befitting their needs.

We operate in a de-centralised business system so as to ensure that its clients take advantage of ensuring their solutions are delivered at their local regions.

 Products and Services

  • Medical Aid Brokerage

  • Client Medical Aid Needs Analysis

  • Medical Aid Administration for corporate clients

  • Servicing of individual medical clients


Training & Workshops

Maxima Advisors (Pty) Ltd ensure that it brokers are fully registered with the Council for Medical Aid Schemes (CMS) and other various regulatory bodies.  We are also registered with the Financial Service Conduct Authority (FSCA) with registration number 3831, category B1 license.


 Business & Leadership

Maxima Advisors (Pty) Ltd executive business experience consists of a mix of skills in: Business Administration, Actuarial, Accounting and Employee Benefits acumen and skills of running a viable enterprise.

The management boasts with a combined experience of over 20 years of medical aid industry knowledge and experience.